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Translation Services

We specialize in Haitian Creole translation, but also offer document translation in over 150 languages, including the major African Languages, Asian Languages, Eastern European Languages, Romance languages, and more.


With our solid team of expert native translators and linguists, we translate various types of documents, ranging from legal, banking, business, technical manuals, websites, insurance-related documents, medical and pharmaceutical, academic, and immigration, to name a few.


We ensure your message is accurately conveyed in the target language, maintaining the original intent and tone. 

Every translation project goes through a thorough quality control system prior to final delivery to the client.

Translation Service
Certified Translation

We provide Certified Translations for legal, immigration, academic, or other official uses. All of our Certified Translations are printed on company letterhead with the relevant certification information and the documents are notarized.


Please be sure to indicate to us that you are requesting a Certified Translation, so we can provide you with the correct translation service.

Certified Translation
Desktop Publishing (DTP)

Our DTP or typesetting services ensure your translated documents maintain their original layout and design, providing a seamless experience for your target audience.


Our DTP team works in tandem with our native proofreaders to ensure accuracy in the target language, to ensure text meaning has not been compromised during the adjustment process, and to ensure that the formatted document complies with the target language conventions.


Send us your translation and typesetting requests, and leave it to our team of linguists and typesetters to deliver a finished product to you!

DTP Desktop
Over the Phone Interpretation (OPI)

No set up fees. No minimum charge. No monthly costs.


Pay only for the actual minutes of your call and get immediate access to more than 150 languages.


With our OPI services, you can enjoy on-demand, immediate access to highly trained and qualified interpreters over the phone, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year, including holidays.

OPI Over-The-Phone

Bring your multimedia content to life in multiple languages with our professional voice-over services. Voice-over is a production technique that requires linguistic prowess that only exceptional voice talents can meet.


At CFP, our voice talents combine native fluency with decades of professional voice-over experience. 


We’ve delivered voice-over projects for a diverse range of client needs, ranging from book narrations and guided audio tours to recorded messaging, and countless other applications.

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