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Our Purpose

CF Professional Translations, LLC (CFP) was founded two decades ago, in 2003, to forge the path among high-quality language services, competitive prices, and qualified language experts. As a Minority and Woman-Owned Business, based in Florida, CFP stands tall as one of the industry’s leading providers of Haitian Creole language solutions serving clients around the globe.
Our journey began with a clear goal: to fill the gap in the industry’s market for authentic, dedicated language professionals who understand the nuances of culture, language, and translation. Since our founding, CFP’s commitment to this goal has seen us grow, evolve, and expand, always staying true to our core values that have been our cornerstones since the beginning.

Our Promise

We stand firmly by our work. Supported by a professional team and robust resources, we’re equipped to handle large volumes without compromising on quality. CFP’s motto is simple: “Excellence at its Best!”.
We aim to consistently surpass our clients’ expectations. Two decades of experience in navigating the world as a language service provider company have taught us that our solid foundation is built on trust. Trust from our clients, who believe in our capability to provide accurate, high-quality translation and language-related services. And trust from our team, whose professionalism and commitment mirror CFP’s guiding principles.
In today’s digital age, where the world is more interconnected than ever before, we believe that clear and accurate communication is the key to success. To us, it’s not just about translating words—it’s about translating cultural nuances, tones, emotions, and intent. We address our client’s challenges in cross-cultural communication by taking a holistic, all-encompassing approach to every project we take on.
Let CF Professional Translations become your partner in overcoming language barriers and achieving your goals! 


Our Team

Carline Ferailleur-Dumoulin
Founder/Managing Director
Shauna Jordan
Administrative Assistant

As founder and Managing Director of CF Professional Translations, LLC (CFP), Carline Ferailleur-Dumoulin oversees the day-to-day operations of the company. A published author of “A Career in Language Translation” with more than 25 years of experience in the translation field, Carline brings a wealth of knowledge, understanding, and leadership to CFP. 


Carline was raised speaking French and Haitian Creole and learned English, Spanish, and Latin in school. She attended elementary and middle schools in a French-speaking school in Haiti and eventually moved to Florida where she continued with her foreign language education while attending high school and college. 

She received her bachelor’s degree in Economics from Florida International University and later a Certificate in General Translation from New York University.


After college, she pursued a career in banking where she worked as a personal and corporate banker for iconic banks including Barnett Bank of South Florida, Bank of Nova Scotia in Haiti, and Citibank on Wall Street, New York, for nearly a decade. Early on in her career, Carline realized the value of her multilingual skills and started translating and interpreting on a part-time basis. The demands for her translation services rapidly increased and as a result, CF Professional Translations, LLC was born on November 13, 2003.


Carline has taught an “Introduction to Spanish Translation” course in Queens College, New York, as part of their Continuing Education Program and she is currently one of the Instructors for CFP’s English – Haitian Creole Translation Training Course. Carline also offers her expertise as an English–Haitian Creole language test evaluator to several translation companies in the United States.


As a Haitian American, she is particularly proud to use her experience and skills to educate, assist, and support Haitian Creole native speakers, based in the United States, who do not speak or understand English. Above all, she is passionate about bridging the communication gap, guiding, coaching, and training newcomers to the translation field, and cultivating the next generation of translators.


In her free time, Carline loves spending time with her family and dog, as well as reading, cooking, traveling, and learning about new cultures.

Christelle Morett
Senior Project Manager

A multilingual professional, fluent in French, Haitian Creole, and English, Christelle Morett joined CF Professional Translations in 2017 as a Translation Trainee. Her outstanding performance, dedication, professionalism, and quick learning led her to become an Assistant Project Manager.


Christelle has since moved up in rank and is now our Senior Project Manager. On a day-to-day basis, she communicates with our clients and promptly handles their translation requests and inquiries. She is responsible for efficiently planning and managing the workflow, assembling the right team of linguists for each of our translation requests, and overseeing the quality assurance process.


Christelle’s role as Senior Project Manager is key to the proper execution, workflow coordination, and timely, quality delivery of all projects received at CFP. In her own words: “I believe that handling a request as a Senior PM and working on a translation requires me to view things from the client and target reader’s perspective to better understand and execute the task.

Doing this for each project helps me to ensure quality execution of the project and to minimize risks in order to align myself and the entire team with the company's mission and principles.”


When Christelle is not working, she enjoys spending quality time with her husband and two lovely daughters.

Shauna Jordan joined CF Professional Translations in 2022. As the Administrative Assistant at CFP, she works closely with the Managing Director to develop and implement systems and processes to streamline company productivity and make way for expansion.


Her organizational and multitasking skills make her a valuable asset to CFP. Shauna also works alongside the Project Managers to execute projects, respond to clients’ emails, assist in daily tasks, and maintain workflow.


Shauna graduated from the University of Memphis in 2018 with a Bachelor of Science and Education in Sport Management, a Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing, and a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism. While in college, she held many jobs such as reporter at the Rio 2016 Olympics, Director of Operations of a semi-pro Futbol club in Memphis, and Athletics Marketing Intern for the University of Memphis.


These various positions allowed her to hone her communication, prioritization, and multitasking skills, all essential skills which play a key role in the successful performance of her administrative duties at CFP.


Shauna lives in Memphis, Tennessee with her husband Jorge. She enjoys baking sweets, running half marathons, watching her favorite sports teams, and reading at least 100 books a year.

Monique N. Ferailleur
Client Relations Associate

Monique N. Ferailleur holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from the Benedict Institute of Commerce, Geneva, Switzerland. She also holds a Certificate in Bookkeeping from Adelphi Business College in New York, where she began a banking career at the European American Bank on Wall Street. A Haitian native, after many years of living abroad, Monique returned to Haiti where she pursued her banking career and worked as Manager at the Bank of Nova Scotia in Port-au-Prince.


Attracted by the challenging field of economics, she then joined the Industrial Development Fund (Fonds de Développement Industriel, FDI), a government entity operating under the supervision of the World Bank. Her broad banking experience, her communication skills, and her background in management and executive leadership made her a valuable asset for Comcel, Haiti (a communication company that specialized in the sales and promotion of cellular phones).


Monique also worked as a Project Manager at Publi Gestion, a privately owned Marketing firm that was one of the leading marketing firms in the country. Monique joined CF Professional Translations (CFP) in 2014 as CFP’s Bookkeeper. Then in 2019, she took on the role of Client Relations Associate. Monique works alongside our Senior Project Manager to ensure a proper and efficient workflow as well as timely project execution.

In addition, she assists in the screening and evaluation process of our new team members.


Monique is a grandmother of 5, who enjoys spending time with her husband, children, and grandchildren.

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